CL2 and CL3 Ram...can i mixed them?

I have 256mb of kingston value ram ( it's a CL3 ram ) and i'm thinking of getting another 256mb of ram...can i mix the kingston infieon ram (CL2) together with the Value ram???...will it be compatible?..???
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  1. They will end up running at the slower speed unless you can overclock the CAS3 RAM to CAS2.

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  2. When u mean "slow down the overall speed" do u mean the CL2 speed is slowed down to a cl3 speed or the overall speed of the 2 rams (cl2 + cl3)
  3. u cant run in different speeds, they use same bus speeds and settings, either overclock the cas 3 to do a cas 2 (wich probably wont work as kingston value ram is crap) or downclock the cas 3 to do a cas 2.
    try selling the 256cas3 and buying cas 2, or damaging it so the shop would replace it plus some extra for the cas 2..

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  4. It will slow down to CL3.

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