I cant connect to internett! Limited access.


I need help fast! I cant connect to internett, and it says: "Limited access" on my network. I have connected it to my computer wireless and it does not work. Neither did net-cable. I have a laptop too, and the internett works fine with cable, but not with wireless. I need to get my wireless network online!

Errors with troubeshooting:

- Ip adress is invalid (or something)
- Verify the network security key for "my network" (i have tried all of the numbers on the router, and on the router's website.)
- Can't connect to internet.

My router: d-link.

All these problems happened after i changed name on my wireless network. :( I went to my router's website pressed setup->wireless settings -> Wireless network setup wizard. The only thing i changed was the Network name (SSID).

I didn't know that so much trouble could happen, after I changed internett-name. :( Please help! :(
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  1. log back into the router and setup the wireless security. I recommend to use WPA2 personal instate of the old WEP mode.

    by using the Wizard it might have also changed your security key. I like to spend the time and manually setup the router.
  2. Thank you for the reply! :) I will try ;)
  3. It WORKS! I love you bro<3
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