Upgrading from 260gtx for BF3 670gtx or Similar

Hey guys,

Long time reader, first time poster.

I used to be a massive Battlefield 2 fan and only just upgraded to BF3 this last month.
My old system seemed to run it fairly playable at ~medium/low settings and a little filtering on it. However I am an eye candy fan, so I upped the settings, ate lag for 2 minutes, then failed to find the sweet spot in the settings again (I managed to fluke it with default settings and can't remember them now :P).

My 260gtx is CLEARLY the bottleneck in my system, only having 896mb of DDR3 and known compatibility issues. So it's time for an upgrade.

My budget swings with my mood :P, if i can pick something up that will ULTRA its way though BF3 multiplayer for AU$350 (US$363) that would be great, but I might go as high as AU$500(US$518) if necessary. Aiming for bang for buck, Google seems to suggest a 670gtx. If anything i am an Nvidia man.

Current System:
Gigabyte Super OC 260gtx 896mb @ Core:680Mhz Shaders:1500Mhz Memory:1250Mhz
ViewSonic VX2025wm @ 1680x1050
i7 CPU 950 @ 3703.0 MHz (Socket 1366) 23.0 x 161.0 MHz
Geil 6Gig (Tri) CL7-7-7 DDR3-1600 (amateur overclocker, I think this is running slow ~800mhz might need some help)
ASUS Sabertooth X58
WD Caviar Blacks 7200
Corsair HX850W Modular Pro Series
SB Soundcard

I generally shop within Australia on http://pccasegear.com/ or http://www.ple.com.au/.
Don't particularly want to run SLI/Crossfire but will sway that way if required.
Currently running 1680x1050 but will upgrade very soon to 1920x1080.
Specifically for BF3 but will go above and beyond in some cases if I see a sweet spot in the prices.

Sorry to dump all the choices on you guys, but there is too much info/different brands out there these days to make a precise decision. Let the pro's have their say.

Thanks :)
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  1. hey why dont you check out the hd 7950
    wait for a gtx 660ti?
    you could even go for a hd 7870 which can be found for 350$ (us)
  2. I have been looking at the 7950/70. I was more hoping for some personal experiences with BF3 and some of the 6 series/ATI similar cards.

    Thanks for informing me of the 660ti, I'll have to investigate :)
  3. i suggest you forget the hd 6000 series
    they consume more than double the power and dont overclock as well
    if you are interested in older gen cards dont look for anything below a gtx 560 ti 448 core edition
  4. I have decided the GTX 670 is my thing, as I am playing mostly nvidia preferred games, GTAIV/BF3.

    These are my shops to choose from: (unless anybody knows any better Australian sites)
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