VGA Port Dead or VGA cable dead?

My friend called me the other day saying when he turned on his computer nothing happened. He said the fan turned on and off and there was no power what so ever. I told him to unplug everything and try it in a different socket but he said nothing worked.

So I ordered him a power supply. Go to put it in today and the computer turns on, so the PSU is fine.

The problem is there is no display which he just tells me now. He connects the computer to his 50 inch something TV. VGA to VGA.

The computer is a few years old. HP pavilion something AMD dual core. No HDMI and no graphics card.

He has no monitor or extra computer stuff at his house so I brought it to mine.

I hooked my monitor up DVI to DVI and it worked fine.

So is the VGA port on the motherboard dead or is the VGA cable he uses to go to the TV dead?

I checked the connections and they were fine. He's had no problems for x amount of years he's owned the computer.
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  1. remove all the ram sticks for a while then put them back.
  2. Just try another cable? It's possible TV port is dead too.
  3. what would the ram sticks have to do with anything?

    As I said I tested the computer at my house. The DVI connection does work because I used my monitor.

    I found a VGA cable so I am going to take it to his place and try it.

    Already tried all the inputs on the TV.

    TV itself works fine - satellite, cable, movies, etc.

    He said before it totally went black the screen was messing up.

    Something tells me it's the cable. Because if the onboard display was failing, the DVI wouldn't work either.
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