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Help with DP motherboard power supply

Hello, I have just purchased a supermicro X8DT6-F

I have the procs coming and memory as well but I was showing the photo of the board to my wife when I noticed it has *TWO* EPS12V power sockets (which honestly makes sense with it having two procs). Problem is, my 650w PS only has *one* of those plugs. That PS should be *more* then enough considering what it will be used for but I need to know if I can buy some sort of splitter and split the EPS12V cable or some form of adapter and pull power off some 4pin molex connectors.

Thanks for your help!!
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    Athena Power Model CABLE-YEPS828 6" EPS-12V 8-pin Y-splitter Power Cable
  2. I figured that would work. Thanks so much!
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