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GTX 670/680

Hello guys, i am currently in Shanghai and my grandad bought me an Asus GTX 670 DC II (Non top version)
at Best-Buy.
I heard alot of problems recently with the GTX 670 (ie.: Red Screen). So now i am wondering wether it would be a better idea to bring it back to the store and get a GTX 670 from either Asus or MSi or Zotac. (Probably MSi).
I play on a 22inch monitor, so the performance between both cards wouldn't give me any difference.
But I really do not want to have to deal with the return of my GTX 670 to Asus and everything.

I got the Asus GTX 670 last week, didn't open it yet, so should i upgrade it to the GTX 680?
Or should it go fine?

By the way, i live in Europe and i will be going home by next week. So i need to make my mind up soon.

Any suggestions?? Maybe most GTX 670 work fine? (on the long run aswell as short run).
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    ^ hellfire24 the link is referring to the Top model op has the non top one.

    you don't have to worry about the red screen anymore its been fixed like a few months ago with the release of Asus gpu tweak 2.1.5

    the extra $150 isn't worth it for the extra 2-5 fps that you would get from the gtx680. Asus gtx 670 is still a kick ass gpu with one of the quietest and coolest designs. I can't even hear mine running even at maximum stress.
  2. ^the only difference is the clock rates,rest of the things are can overclock the DCII version to match/beat TOP version.
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  4. Okay well thank you guys. I guess i won't return and upgrade my GPU, i will stick to my Asus GTX 670 DC II non top version.
  5. Also heard some people got their GTX 670 underperforming or getting fps troubles, or not working, etc.
    Asus GTX 670 should be fine??
  6. @hellfire24 not all asus gtx 670s can be overclocked to the top level, some people were able to do it, some weren't. I have seen some threads people complaining about not being able to overclock their gtx 670 to the Top clocks.

    @OP it really depends on the rest of your system imo. If the rest of your system don't bottleneck that gpu, you should be fine. You wouldn't know for sure unless you test it out. Also make sure you dont install gpu tweak from the driver cd make sure to download and install it directly from the Asus website.
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