I want to buy a new video card for my Gateway FX530XM. Can you recommend one th

I have a Gateway FX530XM that came with a Nvidia GeForce 7500LE 256MB (512MB shared)
video card, Windows Vista Home Premium OS. I need to replace the video card but don't understand all the lingo that goes with finding a compatible one. Could you recommend a low to mid price video card that would work for this computer?
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  1. Looking at the gateway support page, it looks like you have a 700w power supply which should be enough to power about anything low to mid range without issue. Most modern video cards are pciex16 which is what you have. What are you looking to do with this new video card? If you are gaming a radeon 6670 will work well for low resolution at around $70 on newegg or for mid to higher end the radeon 7770 is a good choice at around $125-150 depending on the brand you choose.
  2. Do I need to worry about whether it's DDR2 or DDR3? My computer is a DDR2, running Vista.
    I don't do any hard core? gaming - mostly just hidden object or adventure games. Thank you for your help.
  3. Dedicated videocards have their own memory onboard so the system memory does not effect it. A Radeon HD 6670 will be good for light gaming and it has its own Graphics DDR5 on it.
  4. I would just work on selling that computer at pawn shop or craigslist. use that money plus whatever you had in store for a new card, and buy a new system. A VERY low end gaming system would be better than what you have. I have a gateway FX that is a couple of years newer than yours, and Ive run into so many problems upgrading it. I had to get a new power supply, because ANY system bought off of sellers like gateway,dell, etc. will have very crappy power supplies. I upgraded to a 7870 card which should have been decent, but it has given me nothing but problems, and i believe the problem to lie within the motherboard and processor.
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