PC for 3D rendering using 3D Studio Max and vRay

I'm thinking of buying a Desktop Computar for visualization and for now I have this configuration:

Motherboard: Asrock X79 EXTREME7 SATA6 Quad DDR3
CPU: Intel Core i7 3820 3.6GHz 10MB Box S2011
Cooling: Intel RTS2011AC Active Heatsink S2011
RAM: 4xKingston Value RAM DDR3 4GB 1333MHz CL9
SSD: Crucial RealSSD M4 128GB 415/175 r/w MB SATA6
Graphic: PNY Quadro 2000 1GB 2xDP / 1xDVI bulk
Power: Club 3D 700W 80+ bronze 135mm modular
Tower: NZXT Pahntom 410 - Black and orange

Do you think this will be enough for decreasing the rendering time.
My budget is around 12 000 DKK or 2000 USD.
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  1. As compared to what? :)

    The PSU needs to be replaced. You don't need that much wattage but you do need better power.

    Generally we prefer the i7 3930K because even a moderate overclock will yield good results. And of course you get more cores and threads. Honestly, if you want to build on that platform that would be the least expensive CPU to consider.

    If that is too much money then you would be better off with a Z77 board and a 3770K. That would probably allow you to max out the memory at 32GB as well, and so all in all a better idea I think.

    Look for DDR3 1600Mhz 1.5V, 4x8GB.
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