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Maximum size cooler in Thermaltake Tsunami?

Hello, I would like to find out the maximum size of cooler that will fit in a Thermal take Tsunami.
why? I want to give one to my friend as a gift because he's using his stock cooler on his FX-4100 @ 4ghz.

would it fit? I've tried Thermaltake's website but i cant find any info.

Thank you :)
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    From Thermaltake's FAQ for the Tsunami Dream VA3000BWA:

    Q: What is the longest graphics card that may be used with this chassis?

    A: 12.29" is the length of the longest card on the market. This chassis will fit this size of card with the removal of the HDD cage. Standard size fit for the chassis 9.6".

    Q: What is the tallest cooler that will fit this chassis?

    A: This chassis will fit a cooler that is no taller than 165mm (6.5")
  2. Thanks a ton :D
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