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Blank Screen after Installing CPU

I wiped my hard drive to 'basic' settings for my OS and verified it worked with the old CPU. Then I switched out CPUs, remembering to clean with Isopropyl Alcohol 70% and a coffee filer, then adding the Thermal Paste and spreading it via the pressure of the CPU fan. After I reassembled the computer and turned it on, the lights came on, the CD Drive worked, the fans spun, but nothing came onto my monitor

My specs:


Old CPU:

New CPU:

Can anyone help?
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  1. Just check the cpu fan is spining or not ?
  2. Yes, it is spinning. Every fan - Graphics, CPU, and Chassis - is spinning.
  3. Did you update to latest BIOS before swapping processors? your new processor is listed as upgrade option but it is not clear if your mobo supported it out of the box. There is a considerable jump in fsb though TDP and Voltage ranges are same for both.
  4. Hrm... Should I swap CPUs out again and update it? And if it does work, where might I find the upgrade?
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    yes you need your old cpu for that update. reapply thermal compound (do not skip it) and put in the old processor. your new processor's launch date is Q1 of 08 so I think if this link works, then it might help:
    good luck
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