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I have an AMD Radeon Graphics Card and yesterday i tried the AMD Overdrive settings as i thought this would imorive my in game prefromance. I must if done something terribly wrong as now the screen gets green dashes across the screen and crashes. Before it does this i have tried to quickly turn it if in Catalyst control center but no luck.
I have even tried to uninstall it and install it again but it seems to have saved the settings. :(
If anyone could help I would be very grateful.

Kieren Newman
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  1. try using driver sweeper program after done with driver uninstall before reinstalling the driver again.

    you can look into this as well:
  2. Oh dear, the classic new overclocker mistake, you need to get your graphics card clocks back to stock, after you do that I can tell you how to overclock your gfx card the right way
  3. mine is exactly same problem..and when i install it says it is not WDDM compatible..the aero effects are all gone, the screen is blur...
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