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Right now i have a i7-860 2.8GHZ, 8 GB RAM, ATI HD 5850 1 gb (motherboard is intel DP55WB). I want to upgrade it. So far as i gathered to change the processor i need to change the motherboard, so i was thinking more of a changing the graphics card. Friends suggested GTX560TI 1280MB/GDDR5 GV-N560448-13I GIGA-BYTE cause it's awsum they said or go for ATI HD 7950.
I'd like to play most games on high settings (resolution is 1920*1080 etc). Wll the 7950 be overkill and the rest will bottleneck it or is the GTX560ti 448 better solution?
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  1. 7850 is a nice start, id go for a 7870 since it can be overlocked to match the 7970 stock scores, but then again i am saying as cheapest card that can game good

    i myself went for a GTX670 and dont regret, amazing card
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