jpegs gradually corrupting themselves... please he

I'm at my wit's end. For months now, jpeg images have been going corrupt on my computer.
There's no particular pattern to it that I can discern other than that it seems to happen to ones I'm looking at, either with ACDSee or the Windows XP picture previewer.

Quite often, a pic will be fine as a scroll down through a directory, then be corrupt as I scroll back up a second later. Generally what happens is that either the bottom stops showing up, or vertical and horizontal bars appear slightly misaligned and with bad colours at two edges. Most often, I can still view it with the problems I just described, but then later the whole thing will register in any viewer as corrupt and just come up black.

I've also noticed that when I'm downloading pics from my digital camera (Canon G1 via USB cable, if it matters), one or two often show the problems immediately. For a long time I assumed I had a bum memory card that was screweing up my pictures, but I have found recently that it has NEVER happened while using other computers to view or download the images.

I'm reasonably sure it's not a virus, as I ran a full F-Prot scan this morning, on all file types, and nothing showed up. The only other thing I can think of is that maybe I've got bad memory that's screwing things up or something, but then why would it only be jpegs that are affected?

There's one other thing that happens on my machine, that may or may not be related... quite often when I download software in a self extracting exe file and run it, it will fail half way through and say the cab file or something is corrupted, and the file needs to be downloaded again. But 9 times out of 10 after a reboot the same file will work fine. I don't know if it's the same issue, but the symptoms could be related.

Does anyone have any ideas? I'm desperate. I'm losing digital photos, which sucks. I do archive them to CD, but most of the time I lose a few in the time it takes to accumulate enough to warrant a burn.

Some tech details in case they matter...
Windows XP Pro, fully patched through Windows Update
Via 4 in 1 installed, latest as of about 2 months ago
Epox 8KTA3+ KT133A Motherboard & 10/19/2001 BIOS (latest)
Athlon 1133 Proc - not overclocked
2 x 128MB Kingmax PC150 RAM @ 133
Herc Gametheater XP w/ 3.02 drivers
GeForce 3 w/ 21.83 WHQL drivers (I think)
Intel Pro10 ISA NIC

Thanks for any help,

oh, and in case it is the memory, does anyone know of a good freeware memory tester?
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  1. You may have the dreaded MMX instruction sequence speed path problem.

    Browse this thread: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    Run the indicated test to see if you have this bug.
  2. thanks for the suggestion. i'll run it tonight when i get home. any other ideas in the meantime?
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