Need help to choos the right video card

hi every one i want to buy the 6790 1gb ddr5 vga card and i don't know if my cpu will be a bottleneck my specs :
cpu:amd athlon x2 250 3.0ghz
ram :4gb ddr3 1600mhz
psu:corsair cx430
i cant upgrade my cpu now
and i will play on 17 inc display not very high reslouation
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  1. That should work fine, HD6770 might even be a better choice for your monitor.
  2. Are you getting a great deal on the 6790 ? Because it is usually with in reach of a 6850, which is a much better all around card in comparison.

    And to your question, depends on the games you play, if the game you play is CPU heavy, like StarCraft 2, or for your CPU, even Left 4 Dead series, your CPU will be certainly the limiting factor, especially given your monitor size.
  3. yes my friend order it and it didnt work because his power supply isn't powerful enough so he told me about it and the price is very good to me its 40$ lower than the market price so u guys think to get it or it will not work good with my cpu ??
  4. It is a good deal, jump on it! You can always upgrade your CPU later.
  5. Well, I'm not sure what the proper "market price" for that card is, since all retailers recently lowered the price a lot on that card to clear stock.

    Regardless, it will work in your computer. There is no inherent limitations to your CPU that would prevent it from working properly. But for reference, that is a slow CPU by gaming standards.

    Oh, and your PSU is very much sufficient for your build. The 430CX is one of the better power supplies Corsair used to offer.
  6. so u think it will be good for some games like gta4 and bf3 on my 17 inc screen or it will lag ?
  7. If it lags it is your CPU.
  8. or maybe gtx 550ti if uget a gtx 550ti u can run gta 4 ob high and bf3 on ultra
  9. mido22 said:
    so u think it will be good for some games like gta4 and bf3 on my 17 inc screen or it will lag ?

    Well neither of those games are particularly CPU intensive, so you MIGHT be okay on a 17 inch screen. The 6790 and 6850 should both be faster than the 550 Ti.
  10. i got a gtx 550ti on a 19.5 inch montor and i get no lag
  11. thanks guys for help and i went to one of my friends hi has athlon x2 250 with ati 6570 1 gb ddr3 and 4 gb ddr3 1333mhz ram and he plays medal of honor 2010 on 1280*720 very high and no lag at all and shift 1and 2 on high resloutions so i think the 6790 will be very good for me
  12. Errr tbh mate you can just get a HD5770 very cheap and play at 1600x1200 resolutions very easily with no problems and it wont cost u 60$.
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