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I am upgrading everything including my PC case. I haven't used my computer since Command and Conquer tiberian sun. I want to know the best CPU socket type for gaming and I also have to run a professional animation program for school any thoughts? I have been told the 775 socket is outdated, and honestly can't tell the difference between LGA1155, LGA2011, AM3, FM1 or FM2. If someone could explain I would greatly appreciate it.
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  1. depends on what cpu manufacturer u want amd or intel

    lga 2011 lga 1155 are intel and am3 fm1 fm2 are amd
  2. I'll break it down to the three sockets most commonly sold today.

    For Intel (e.g. i3-3220, i5-3570K), use Socket 1155.
    For AMD CPUs w/o integrated graphics (e.g. FX-4300, FX-8350), use AM3+.
    For AMD CPUs w/ integrated Radeon graphics (e.g. A8-5500, A10-5800K), use FM2.

    The latter of the three isn't really suited for performance, but more of an all-in-one solution for those who want tolerable gaming performance without a discrete graphics card. The Intel's 1155 and AMD's AM3+ chips are the way to go for anything to do with intensive tasks like professional animation.
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