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Hey, So Is this a good rig for a budget of £650ish? And do you have any idea what it will run FPS wise on games such as Skyrim and wow

CPU – Intel i5 3570k
GPU – Saphire HD 7870 with 3 free games
HDD – Seagate Barracuda 1Tb
PSU – XFX 550w PSU
COOLER – Coolermaster Hyper 212 evo
CASE – Fractal Core 3000
RAM – Corsair 8Gb ram
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  1. Great. Nothing wrong with it!
  2. Going off your GPU/CPU combo id say it'll run about 60+ fps on WOW, and around 30-40 fps on skyrim @ 1920x1080 with close to if not max settings.
  3. 30-40FPS in Skyrim? Probably 60 or more at Ultra. The 7870 is in between the 570 and 580, and if you overclock it, close to the 7950 and better than a 580.
  4. Hmm just outa curiosity What kind of FPS would I be looking at with a 7850? is the 7870 worth the extra £50?
  5. The 7870 can be found for $220, which is around the same price as 7850s. HIS has a 7870 for $220.
  6. 7850 will run them at 60+FPS, no problem, but I'd stick to the 7870.
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