Computer shuts down while playing games

Hi, I recently build my first PC, I works just fine but whenever I start playing WoW or Diablo it shuts down, no warning whatsoever. After that it won't turn back on until several minutes later, unplugging and plugging back the power cord from the PSU seems to work.
Temps while idle are around 40C for CPU and 37C for the GPU, while playing or running test with the MoBo provided software are 60C and 58C correspondingly.
Could it be my PSU or my MoBo? Or something else? I keep my of really clean.

This are the components of my current build:
Gigabyte H55M USB3
Intel core i5 650 (with the stock fan)
Sapphire ATI HD6870
Cooler master Extreme Power Plus 500w
A Gladiator Case by Cooler Master with the stock fans (1 front, 1 above) and an extra 12mm on the back.

And I almost forget, whenever the shut downs happen the next time it turns back on, the clock on the PC its incorrect, like it would stop at the crash and didn't keep track of it.

I appreciate your help, and apologize if my text has gammar issues, English is not my native language
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  1. The clock thing is weird. If it had lost all power to the motherboard and battery died it would just reset to the factory default..I think mine is sometime in 2010.

    My initial thought would be overheating but your temps aren't high enough for that. It looks like your gpu is starved for power. A 6870 needs a 500W psu but it also needs a minimum of 28A on it's 12V rail. Your PSU only has 18A which is probably why it's turning off during gaming. When your gpu needs more power, it draws too much and causes your motherboard to crash (which might be why your time is stopping). I'd get a new psu that will handle your graphics card.

    CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 $45 20MIR It has less watts than your current one but it has the needed 28A on its 12V rail

    **CORSAIR Builder Series CX500 V2 500W $60 20MIR This is probably the best choice. It provides a little breathing room for your computer and it's got 34A on the 12V line.

    Antec NEO ECO 520C 520W $55 Cheaper if you don't want to bother with the mail in rebate

    SeaSonic S12II 520 Bronze 520W $70

    *PC Power and Cooling Silencer MK III 500W $80 20MIR It's great quality and modular but you have to pay more for it :(
  2. After looking around, I'm going to get a Corsair GS600, cause I think it's less of a ripoff where I live, the CX500 is about a 100 dollars here, and the GS it's like 118. Hope that fixes the problem. Thanks for your reply
  3. Well, a hundred dollars later I can tell you that the PSU was not the problem. I exchanged my Cooler Master Extre Porwer Plus of 500w for a Corsair GS 600 I played for around 5 minutes and then it SHUT DOWN again. :( any other suggestion is welcomed
  4. Dang, I'm sorry it wasn't the psu. Since your temps are fine, the psu seemed the most logical culprit. Have you tried various catalyst drivers to see if an older one functions better for your computer or a newer beta version?
  5. I took apart the whole rig, it works just fine out of the case, put it back together played for a little while, and then it shut down. Convinced that the hardware was not the problem I uninstall the video card drivers, and limited the FPS to 50, I hav played for at least 60 minutes without a power down. I thoughed I had it figured, but today I try to turn it on, and no luck.

    I have a theory though, that it might be the case or my cable management, check this out, when I have the power cord plugged into the PSU and I touch the case it kinda feels like some electric current it's passing by, it doesn't shocks or anything like that but it defenitely feels different than touching or rubbing the case unppluged.

    I have to ask for assistance since I have no clue what could I have done wrong or where to look for, the stands of the motherboard? The unused cables of the PSU? HELP!
  6. Wow, so you can actually feel current flowing through your case? If it were the stands of the motherboard your computer wouldn't post. It would feel the ground and auto turn off to prevent a short circuit. You could always buy another case but I don't want to keep having you spend money for it to not solve the problem. Check to see if you have an extra stand off that isn't used to screw in your motherboard and remove it.
  7. Ding! Turns out it's my MoBo. I started looking for parts for a build I'm doing for my parents and I just got curious how much my rig had devaluated with time, first thing I looked up was my H55M USB3 gigabyte MoBo, and when I started reading the 1 eggs reviews almost all of them had problems similar to mine, random shut downs.

    I'm planning on replacing it, since I'm pretty sure Gigabyte won't valid their warranty in my country (still going to bitch like crazy though) so I'm going to buy another one, I can get an ASUS P8H67m pro for a reasonable price here, or a Z77X from Gigabyte (I'm not sure if I should give them another change)

    What would you recommend?
  8. I'm a gigabyte fan but if they've screwed you once go with asus.
  9. Surprisingly they can RMA my board here, I'll give them a shot again since they responded quickly to my complain and are willing to replace mi board.
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