Amd fx-6100 6-core compatible motherboards

please suggest which motherboard, graphics card,tower are bes suitedt for AMD FX-6100 is black edition 6 Core processor and AMD FX-8120 8 Core Processors.MY budget for motherboard is about 80 $ and for graphics card is about 140$.budget for tower is 70$.
I am trying to build a gaming system.
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  2. If your gaming I wouldnt get an FX 6100
  3. Yes, I would pay a bit more and get an i5. Any AM3+ mobo will work with it.
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    obsama1 said:
    The FX6100 I mean.

    i3 instead
  5. The FX6100 I mean.
  6. For gaming, the Phenom II x4 965 and i3 are better and cheaper.
  7. Phenom II x4 965 < plus 1 to that
  8. Still performs like a beast.
  9. obsama1 said:
    For gaming, the Phenom II x4 965 and i3 are better and cheaper.

    965 is "old" now lol my excuse
  10. I'd personally get the 965 or wait for the FX-4350.
  11. which mother board to got with 965?
  12. I have decide to go for AMD x6 1075,although the FX 6 core is slightly more.
    X4 is not available easily at my place and newegg don't ship to india. :-(
    Which motherboard should i go for AM 3 + or simple one.
    I have singled out out two Asrock extreme 3 and ASus m5a88M.
    Also radeon 6850 is not available ,6870 is but at significantly higher price.
    How is gtx 560?
    I liked the tower though storm enforcer,looks cool and m buying it.
    Any idea about gaming mouse and keyboard in starting range.
  13. I use a storm inferno mouse and the microsoft x4 sidewinder keyboard.
  14. Please suggeta ccordingly for X6 1075, i am not getting 8120
  15. ASus m5a88M
  16. well this the final config i settled for.

    i3 2120
    gigabyte b75m d3h
    nvidia gtx 560ti
    phantom 410/haf922
    seagate barcuda 1tb
    gskill 8 gb
    razer lycosa keboard
    and death adder mouse

    ne suggestions?
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