Therm.paste how many times to use till empty?

i ordered 4 gram tube of arctic MX2 thermal paste and was just wondering how many times can it be used till its empty?
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  1. Depends how much you put. i put a pebble size. if you do it like me Probally like 4-6times

    But thermal paste is like 3-10bucks so its cheap
  2. It'll go bad before you use it up if you build a new computer every 2 to 3 years.
  3. depends on the composition and your method of spreading I tend to go with a small line rice grain size at this point, I've had a very syringe sitting around for about 3 years now (aluminum based), I've applied it to 5 CPU coolers 2 of them several times and its about halfway gone.
  4. Yeah it should last long enough unless you're constantly replacing it.
  5. Just because it's cheap using too mush is bad too. Some paste conduct electricity and too mush can spread out an short something out on the mobo.
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