Phenom II x4 B45 @3.1GHz w/ Radeon HD 7950

I asked a similar question awhile ago and was planning on the GTX 480, but my job offer fell through and so I am looking at something I can get in later down the road when I can land a job. There is a place that looks promising in the next month, and I am trying to find somewhere else that might take me sooner. So.....

I have an Athlon II x3 3.1Ghz unlocked to a Phenom II x4 B45 @3.1GHz. Normally I would just OC, but anytime I go above 3.1, it becomes unstable and even just at 3.3GHz it won't load Windows, no matter what type of voltage I throw at it. Anyways I wasn't sure how much my CPU would hold up a 7950, which is where I think I want to go.

Would it be worth it to purchase a Phenom II and OC the heck out of it if I can find it from a reliable retailer in a month or so?
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  1. The AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE is 110$ on newegg and Amazon, but who knows if it will stay in stock or at that price. I was just curious what performance differences there would be.
  2. Quote:
    well if your X3 445 is unlocked to a Phenom II X4 B45 does it have the L3 cache unlocked as well.?
    that's the main point besides clock speed.
    if it doesn't have the L3 cache then your running basically running a P2 840 (sort of speak).
    so then it's cache and clock speed.

    in gaming I feel the L3 cache is a bonus and the Deneb C3 is the higher IPC of course.

    No L3. I could always turn of the extra core and see how high it would go, but I would rather have 4 cores as a lot of work I do on the computer is optimized for 4+ threads. My plan is to get the Phenom II x4 (if I could find one)+7950+New PSU and then later down the road get a new Intel mobo with the 4XXX series then throw in an extra 7950.
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    then you would see some benefits in the upgrade in chip (965BE for example) and since it's a BE C3, you can clock it to (3.8-4.0)GHz easy..
    that will be worth it no doubt.

    only if you overclock the new Phenom II would I make this move.
    if running stock then I would keep what you have an just save for Intel.

    Would never get it to run stock, would be a crime to get a BE and not OC it :)! Thanks.
  4. You think the 965 will still be in stock in a month?
  5. I have a Phenom II X2 550BE, and as you said it turns to Phenom II X4 B50 or whatever oced to 3.4ghz.

    Let me tell you something, go and get a second hand i5 sandy bridge witha enw motherboard, that upgrade will last you for the next 2 years minimum AND you will have a CPU @ 4-4.5GHZ easily.

    THats what I am currently doing, AMD just not great atm, and with the latest enws doesnt seem it will be in the future.
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