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I just noticed the optical drive I want to buy does not have software support for the O/S I intend on purchasing. How necessary is it to have software support for my o/s? I noticed many optical drives don't mention *any software support.
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    You only need software support for the burning software you plan to use if you burn CDs. For W7, any DVD drive will install it.
  2. Well most SATA optical drives have their drivers installed by W7/8 (prob vista and xp but not sure).

    which one are you linking to? really unless you NEED high write speeds or bluray, you are just ok with a 15£ (15$) ASUS/Samsung DVD RW drive - no need to spend more than that if you just need it for o/s and game installs with occassional writing to DVD
  3. Here is the one I was looking at buying. I'm just looking for your standard optical drive to read disks. Glad to hear win7 wil take care of it for me. Thanks!
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