How much longer will the Nvidia GTX 460 be fully capable?

I've recently got the Nvidia GTX 460, and I just wanted to know how much longer it will support the more recent games, so I can get a rough estimate as to when I may need to upgrade.

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  1. That all depends on your resolution, what you want to do with it, etc. I'd say its a bit outdated already, but it is difficult to say how long unless we know more about your gaming requirements.
  2. It depends on what resolution you play at and whether or not you need to play everything at max settings. Plus It's impossible to know how technology will advance in the next few years.
  3. Well, to give you an idea I actually have the older (better) version of the GTX 460 with the 256bit memory bus. I play games like Civilization 5, Warhammer: Space Marine, Total War: Shogun 2, and quite a few older games on either high settings or ultra with no AA filtering at 1920x1080. That being said though, I'm actually in the process of ordering parts for a new build because I feel like my card is not going to keep me at that same level of graphics quality in near future releases.

    So, if you plan on sticking with older/less graphically intense games, the card will take care of you no problem. Future graphically intense releases in the next year or so? You're probably looking at "normal" settings for your graphics.
  4. lol

    my brother ran two 250s in SLI for about 4 years

    I am sure your card will last much longer.
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