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Gigabyte 670 vs ASUS 670

Okay, I'm looking to purchase a graphics card and I have narrowed it down to the GTX 670 but which brand is the best?

1. Which has better performance?
2. Which has better cooling?
3. If the Asus looks to be better should I get the Overclocked version?
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    ASUS without a doubt! ASUS cards have so much going for them.

    Check out this feature set:
    I don't know anyone who places this much quality in to their product. The propitiatory manufacturing processes ASUS has are really unique.

    Definitely go for the ASUS Direct CU TOP edition as it is faster than the reference GTX680, $100 cheaper, and it is also silent. This benchmark proves it:

    Also check out JJ's video review of the card. He gives a better overview of what makes this card so special.
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