Games lagging after CPU upgrade.

Ok I will first tell my current specs.

Motherboard: Conroe1333-D667 Rev 3.0 G/A
Memory: Elixir DDR2 2GB 667Mhz
Video card: Asus EAH3450 256Mb one (But it says 1GB memory on dxdiag. I think it has that technology to take memory from the RAM's? I don't know)
Old processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.00Ghz
New processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6500 LGA775, FSB1066, 2MB Cache 2.93Ghz
Operating system: Windows XP SP2 Professional 32bit

With my old processor I played mostly online games that use little resources and only 1 core. For example Talisman Online. With my new processor I can play good games like Red Faction: Guerilla, Red Faction: Armageddon with no lag at all at medium settings, but I can't play this older games. My ping is around 100-200ms but still I am getting this small spikes while I am running.
I found this thread:
Ad did everything I was told to do, but still it won't work. I tryed setting it with affinity to only use 1 core, no succes. What could I do?
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  1. NEW BETTER graphics card needed....
  2. Why is the graph card of fault? The games I played with my old processor could run on my onboard VGA :(
  3. was it a clean install of windows?
  4. If it ran just fine before, then it shouldn't be the fault of the graphics card. I've had the same problem you're currently having with older games as well. The affinity thing should do the trick, but there is one more thing you may need to do to make it work properly.

    Go to the control panel and then power options. Turn the power from balanced to high performance. Then start your game and turn affinity to one core.

    The reason for this is that some old games check out the CPU specs as the game starts, and makes adjustments from there. If windows has the CPU throttled down for power saving, then when the game starts it sees a slower CPU but thinks it's at full speed. When this happens the game will run as if in slow motion and be laggy. The solution has worked for me with a few games, but you need to make sure to do both. Good luck!
  5. I haven't reinstall Windows. The PC Tech guy said there is no need for that.
    Thanks for the tip Daedalus.
  6. No problem. Let me know if it works. Also, have you updated the BIOS recently?
  7. I updated the bios from 1.7 to 1.9. My old BIOS didn't recognize my new CPU so I had to upgrade.
  8. Any luck thus far?
  9. Ady20 said:
    I haven't reinstall Windows. The PC Tech guy said there is no need for that.
    Thanks for the tip Daedalus.

    Yeah generally when you make a major hardware upgrade you want to reformat your disk and reinstall windows, or make some serious tweaks to your registry, update your chipset drivers, and try flashing your bios aswell
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