So upgrade to i5 3570k?

I posted a thread a few days ago asking how much of a difference I would see from my current AMD FX 4170 chip (at a nice oc of 4.8ghz) to a AMD FX 8350 because of piledriver and all coming out I was thinking it may be worth it. And I've got someone lined up to buy my FX 4170 chip already for 100$.

But I've been thinking and soon after I got my FX 4170 in the first place I was kinda wishing I'd went Intel. Haven't had Intel if what seems like forever and they seem to be the gaming solution right now compared to amd. So I've found out my friend didn't have a am3+ board and is willing to buy it as well XD for 75$ so a total of 175$ to play around with. Seems I can get i5 3570k and motherboard for around 375$ So about 200$ out of pocket is doable in my budget to have a better gaming rig.

So I've been looking at Intel for a day or so now and it seems if my main goal is gaming the i5 3570k would be the chip for me, can't seem to find a big difference between i7 and i5 for gaming, well enough to justify 100$ increase in price.

I guess some of my questions now are what are some of the average overclocks people get out of the i5 3570k chips, and I know they are all different but an average XD.
And which motherboard? I may do SLI later on with my GTX 670, not sure but would like to keep that option.

CPU from tigerdirect, little cheaper than newegg right now (and no tax!)

And my motherboard right now is AM3+ Asrock board, I've really enjoyed it is why I've picked this one.

Any tips or advice on all of this would be appreciated.
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    That i7 is no better than the i5 for gaming. The i5 is the best gaming chip available at the moment.

    Get a SLI compatible motherboard if you want that but selling your GPU and getting a fast single is usually better.

    4.2Ghz to 4.6Ghz on 1.2 to 1.3 volts but you need good cooling for 4.6
  2. Good choices. The 3770k is geared more towards multi threaded software, not games. Darth Pravus is right, go with the single fastest gpu you can afford.
  3. kk yea was pretty much what I could find out by searching and since I'm not going to be rendering anything in the near future the i5 should be fine. As far as cooling goes I'm gonna use the heatsink I've got and see how it does. Keep in mind I got this heatsink when I had a smaller case but It seems to do pretty well XD.

    Probably go ahead and order some of this as well
  4. You should generally see an increase in performance for games that are CPU bound when going from the FX to i5 CPU; such as Skyrim. However, if you play games that are not CPU bound at all (unless it is so slow that it actually bottlenecks the GPU), then you will not see much improvement in performance. Crysis 2 is such an example, the difference in performance between an i5-2500k running at stock speed and running at 4.8GHz is 1 or 2 FPS (assuming the same GPU).
  5. Most people recommend MX4 over arctic nowadays and that CPU cooler wont give you too much headroom but should do 1.2 volts easy enough
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