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CPU and socket upgrade suggestions

Hello there,

recently I've been thinking a lot about doing an upgrade to my system.

Right now I have a Athlon II X3 450 and a simple AM3 motherboard. So, at first I'm thinking about two paths to follow, and I'd like to retrieve your comments about them:

1) Stick to AMD -> Buying a decent AM3+ motherboard -> So I can already benefit from usb 3.0 and SATAIII and perharps change CPU to a FX series or something that might come later. I also believe that it might unlock a core in the Athlon II X3 and increase the overclocking potential.
I wonder if it is worth, since AM3+ is getting kind of old... Could it be obsolete in a year or so?

2) Migrate already to Intel -> Getting a 1156 socket motherbard (B75) + a Core i3 -> this would at first cost me twice as much, but I could benefit from the superior CPU and amazing potential CPU upgrades.

That's it, I'd gladly receive feedback and some different ideas. Thanks!
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  1. Depends on what your purpose is. I think the biggest benefit of an AMD motherboard is that you can always upgrade later, as AMD seems to be keeping use of the AM3+ boards for the next two years at least.


    Intel does give you best performance overall and can last quite a few years themselves. You must remember that Haswell processors and beyond have a different chip-set, so the i7 is basically the highest you'll ever be able to go.
  2. Hello... you want the intel 1155, if you go that route... with current Ivy bridge CPU upgradeability/compatability.
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    hye .................i know AMD had a name for making good gaming cpu at good pices but now there is much bigger difference in the perfomance as ............even the phenom series can beat up the fx series..................on the other hand core i3 thirdgeneration is ablast i am using i3 3220 and getting good fps in my is also energy efficient the fx series cpu uses almost double amount of power to level the perfomance of the core i3 3220 or any other third buy would be the i3 3220 + lga 1155 socket with b75 chipset...........if you want to go with AMD then get the amd fx 4300
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