hello will this graphic card play arma 2?
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  1. yes it would low-mid settings. The minimum requirement is an nvidia 7800/ radeon 1800 which are identical to the gt220/520/610
  2. You'd do much better with a similarly priced GT440 or HD 6670.

    The 610 is really designed to be a display card, the extra VRAM is nearly useless on a card that weak.
  3. thanks, will it run without lag?
  4. jonnyf2562 said:
    thanks, will it run without lag?

    Depending on your settings in the game. You up the settings if you have excess frame rate to spare (>60-40fps) and drop the settings if the opposite occurs.

    Try each of the settings and see which one affects the FPS the most and get something that is both okay visually and lag wise.
  5. jonnyf2562 said:
    thanks, will it run without lag?

    it probably won't as long as you stick to low-mid settings.
  6. jonnyf2562 said:

    Marginally. What is your budget ? I can recommend you something if you have a set budge.
  7. around £60
  8. Okay, at that budge price, I would say a 6670 with DDR5 is within reach. Don't worry about the size of Vram (1GB vs. 2GB), at the price point, go for something with more rendering and shading power.

    is just outside of your budget (69 instead of 60), but it is a solid card for that price.

    IF you can reach a bit outside of your budget, a 7750 is your best bet. It is by far the best deal for performance. The 6670 is your second, although inferior choice. If you do go with a 6670, be sure it has DDR5 instead of DDR3, no matter how much VRAM.
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