Gigabyte GTX 680 windforce x3. Wrong choice?

Hi everyone. So I finally went ahead and bought myself a new GPU now. I always went for the medium range stuff but for the first time decided to get the best possible one. With a promo code from newegg I was able to snag a GTX 680 Windforce x3 for the price of the reference card.

Then I decided to look at the reviews of that particular model. Everything seemed great but then came across this:

According to that review that Gigabyte GTX 680 is actually slower than the lower clocked reference models by a significant amount. 10FPS slower in BF3.

I'm really OCD about stuff so I've been thinking of this one review the whole time and don't want to be regretting this purchase. I really wanted your opinion on this from people who have or even don't have the card to tell me if this review is even legit. His numbers seem really strange. Look at the Zotac GTX 680. It's 24 frames faster than the reference 680. How is that possible with just an overclock. That's the numbers you get from a whole new series of cards.

So my question is: Is the Gigabyte 680 windforce a great card and that review just a joke of a review? Or do these cards really have some sort of problem and can perform worse than all the other GTX 680 models.

Thanks so much!
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  1. It is a good card regardless of that review, we some times see odd issues like that possible in a single game with no logical explanation!
  2. As rolli59 said - don't be put off by 1 review. This review did state "it's seriously quiet." even though "All in all it's a bit of a mixed bag" it looks like the primary selling point when comparing it to other 680's is it's quietness, while on the other side of the coin, it may not perform to the same level - in specific benchmarks - than other 680's.

    However - and it's a big however, it's still a 680! and thus very cutting-edge / a hell of a beastie (I wants it :) ).
    Also, you do have a card that is significantly quieter that any other 680 - depending on your circumstances that may well be reasonably big benefit.

    I suppose we can give you the 'standard reply' of "a little googling before purchase", though I do appreciate that things like short-expiry deals - and the knowledge that 'it's a 680' might well make us snap-purchase. However, I really don't think you have anything to be concerned I said.....I/we wants it!
  3. Thanks for the replies you guys. It's really funny though. Checking Guru3D and a couple other sites it clearly shows the performance in line if not faster than a lot of the other GTX 680's. I think this guy got a bad card or did something overclocked Zotac 680 isn't going to be 24 fps faster than the reference. That's like a whole generation leap =/
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