Secondary display going bananas

My rig is:

i5 2500k
Corsair H80
Twin Frozr HD 6950 2GB
AsRock Z68 Extreme 4 Gen3
8GB G. Skill 1600Mhz
Antec 850W

So it had been working fine for a long time, until just recently I started experiencing some weeeiiiiird problems when running it on extended display. It starts flickering, for a mili-second I get other parts of the screen shown on it and then it just goes extra weird: the left side of the screen is shown on the right of the screen and vice-versa, being split around the middle of the screen.

I have it on DVI on a monitor and on HDMI to my television, theyre both 1920x1080. I've no idea what to make of it, already got latest drivers and problem got back. It happens whenever there is an extended display. If I use my television as primary, the problem is on the monitor. If the monitor is primary, the problem is on the TV. If it's running on duplicate, there's no problems whatsoever...

What to do... what to do..?
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  1. Pa-leaase do hellp
  2. when was the last time you updated your drivers? uninstall the current drivers and install the newest ones....its def not the monitor or the cables so its either the gpu is freaking out or software getting a little funky
  3. Already uninstalled and got the latest. About to do the opposite: older driver.

    It's very weird, cause under stress by games, the gpu is completely fine, but on idle on extended its flipping!
  4. Didnt work...
  5. Wow that's amazing, I cant uninstall the drivers thru add/remove programs, it says it cant find instalmanagerapp.exe and it fatal errors!
  6. driver sweeper (or I think its called Driver fusion now) that should remove your drivers for you
  7. Thanks, I'll wait a bit, just sent an e-mail to MSI... this is REALLY WEIRD.
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