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Hey everyone. I just recently purchased a new computer along with a power supply and graphics card to update it with. I got a Gateway dx4860, corsair gs600, and a evga gtx 610. I put it all together and couldn't get past the the loading windows screen of windows 7. After that screen it would go black but the computer would stay one. I looked around here for ways to fix it and tried them. I called EVGA who thought it was a bad card and advised me to take it back as updating the drivers, bios, and whatever else I did didn't work. I did that today and exchanged it for a GTX 550ti. Brought it home got it hooked up it worked... for about 1 minute. I found that opening a webpage, playing a movie, or doing about anything would cause the screen to go black and the computer to reboot about ten seconds after. So I wiped all the drivers and reinstalled with the ones from the website and still have the same problem. If you leave it on the desktop and don't do much it will work otherwise it just reboots. I have managed to get a Ccode 116 out of it. EVGA is saying I have another bad card. I'd like to get a second opinion before making another trip to exchange it. Thanks for everyones knowledge here!
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  1. I think I would get the power supply checked out, since 2 cards now are's a link for what each lead on supply should read.
  2. Well the pci express power is showing 12 volts as it shows it should. Any other thoughts?
  3. Well it did end up being a bad one! I went and swapped it out for another one and it worked! Honestly I was very suprised I could get two bad ones in a row but I did. I appreciate everyones help on this
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