Cannot decide between red and blue theme.

This is such a big deal to me lol.
I finally have a decent budget rig and I cannot decide if I want to go with blue or red fans.

Ideally I want blue. Its my favorite color, resembles a "cool" running machine (at least I think so), and is easier on the eye.
However, I have a HAF 912 case and the two front power LED's are red. The microsoft sidewinder keyboard I plan on saving up for also is red backlit. The contrast between the blue and red might annoy me. To me, red resembles "power".

You guys are probably cracking up at this point. I don't blame you. But this is huge. What aided your decision for your colors?
I plan on getting two sickleflows.
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  1. I just followed what I liked from the get go. Without even realizing, until I ordered my parts, I ended up with a blue colour scheme, which is what I personally prefer. Basically, go with what you prefer most. If that means changing some fans for pleasing you aesthetic needs, then go for it.
  2. Be free to flame me ... but I like a green theme:
    - AeroCool X-Predator Green edition (has a transparent window)
    - 2 Green neons inside
    - one extra green-lit led 12cm fan in the back.

    Combined with a greenish theme for my Eclipse PDT (I do programming), the entire thing looks extremely Geeky ^^

    Logan832, I would replace the two red fans on the HAF 912 and get rid of the crappy expensive rubber key MS keyboard (sell it), get a nice mechanical keyboard instead (something with Cherry MX Black), and setup everything else on the blue color.

    Good luck !
  3. What's the color scheme on ya MoBo ? IF nothing else is tipping ya one way or the other might as well match that.
  4. there a few things you can do. you can swap out your fans for tri color led fans that you just move a jumper if you want red/blue or green. there also items from nxtz one and two meter led light strips that have more then three color led.
    the cheaper way is picking up a blue or red led with 4 pin molex from ebay..there 5-10 for a set.
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