Nvidia EN210 hardware failure or compatibility problem?


I just purchased a factory refurbished Asus Nvidia EN210 Silent from Newegg to use instead of the on-board graphics. I powered down and unplugged the AC power to the computer and installed the new card in the PCIe x16 port on my HP Pavilion A1473W (RC410-M motherboard). I connected the monitor to the VGA port on the new card and powered up, and the BIOS screen came up (VGA port works) but the computer froze in BIOS. BIOS is set for PCI express slot active. There is no power connector on the graphics card. I tried disabling the on-board graphics drivers in windows. Long story short, the computer will not boot past BIOS if this card is installed and I'm out of ideas. My first thought is to send the card back to Newegg, but it bothers me that the VGA port appears to be working. Does this seem like a hardware failure, or could there actually be a compatibility issue between the graphics card and the mobo? My understanding is that a PCIe 2.0 x16 card should work in a x16 slot. On the graphics card box under "Recommended System Requirements" it says "Motherboard with free PCIe slot and correct PCIe chipset driver." Does anyone know what the "correct PCIe chipset driver" is?

Computer has 300W PS and 2GB RAM. Running Windows XP.


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  1. clear CMOS also remove the CMOS battery then put it back.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Looked up the procedure on HP website to make sure I did it correctly and removed the battery as you suggested. The problem persists.
  3. What do you mean it freezes on bios screen? It becomes unresponsive? Or does the screen go black? Are you connecting the monitor directly to your graphics card and not your motherboard?
  4. Yes, it becomes unresponsive. The picture is there. I have the monitor connected to the VGA port on the graphics card. But even if I connect the monitor to the onboard port and change the BIOS setting, if the graphics card is installed in the PCIe slot, the computer freezes. If I remove the card, it boots just fine.
  5. Seems like a faulty graphics card. Do you have any friends in whom PC you could try it in? Just to confirm that.
  6. Sunius said:
    Seems like a faulty graphics card. Do you have any friends in whom PC you could try it in? Just to confirm that.

    I'll ask and see if anyone is willing to let me... :D
  7. Make sure to report the results :).
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