I need a new graphics card

I am looking to buy a graphics card to play DayZ(mod for ARMA II). I have done some research but I still cant find a graphics card that seems right. I am looking to spend around $100 but all suggestions are welcomed.

My PC specs are:

Intel Pentium Dual Core CPU E2180 @ 2.00 GHz
the current graphics are Intel 82945G Express Chipset Family

the ECS 945GCT-M3 Motherboard has PCIe x16, PCIe x1, and PCI conventional ports.

I am not sure what wattage the power supply is but I can upgrade that if need be.

The main problem so far is that I apparently have Shader Model 2 so ARMA II wont run at all. Any suggestions to help me out are greatly appreciated.
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  1. your processor is very weak for this game, maybe if you overclocked it it can handle it at low with a cheap graphics card like radeon 6670.
  2. this one.
  3. I recommend the Radeon HD 7750 it is the fastest graphics card you can get right now that doesn't require an auxiliary power input; it draws all that it needs from a 16-lane PCIe slot. SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7750 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card ( 11202-00-20G) $99.99 $89.99 after mail in rebate http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102969#top
  4. Hey xtreme5, will the card still run in a PCIe x16 port even though it is PCIe 2.1 x16?
  5. To find out your psu details, power of your pc, disconnect the wall socket, remove your pcs' side cover and all the details will be listed on a sticker on the side of the power supply. All we really need to know is the make and model, we can google it from there.
    As far as ARMAII goes, a quick look at it's recommended system requirements reveals that an nvidia 8800GT or Radeon HD4850 with 512MB of VRAM of better is required, so finding one within your budget shouldn't be too difficult (once we know what your psu is)
  6. The suggested 7750 is the best you can get due to your CPU bottlenecking issues....it will also deliver nice playable FPS, but you should OC your CPU a lil bit higher so you need a decent CPU cooler
  7. So i just checked inside my computer and my psu appears to be some sort of chinese trap. The only things I saw about wattage were:
    "+3.3v and +5v total output not exceed 110w
    at ambient 25 degrees celsius total output power shall not exceed 250w
    at ambient 50 degrees celsius total output power shall not exceed 212w"

    so would it be around 250-300 watts?

    EDIT: Brand is LiteOn
  8. thesolidm said:
    Hey xtreme5, will the card still run in a PCIe x16 port even though it is PCIe 2.1 x16?

    of course it should run fine, don't worry about that.
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