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Hi there, so am planning to upgrade my gtx 550 ti to 560 ti, does it worth the upgrade ? or i will be just wasting money ?

system spec :

CPU : i5-2500k
Mobo : gigabyte Z68 XP UD3
GPU : gtx 550 ti
RAM : 8gb kingston 1333 CL9
PSU : Cooler master extreme power plus 500
Monitor : Viewsonic 19 1440x900

thanks in advance .....
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    Your resolution is not very demanding, i doubt that you even noticed a low perfomarnce occured while playing, even games like BF3 will run smoothly at ultra setting on that resolution, so it would be wise if you wait for the new kepler architecture GTX 660, then you will notice a huge difference, the 560 ti is great but it won't be a good deal since the 660 is almost out, also you will need to change your PSU because the extreme power plus series from cooler master is the lower efficiency on the market and won't deliver proper power to the 560 ti, so it will be a waste, just wait for 660 and change the PSU at that time, Believe me the 660 totally worth it......

    But anyway take my advice, as long as your GPU doing the job, don't upgrade, because you won't stop, you will be upgrading each single month....
  2. Thanks for the fast reply, i think i will wait for the upcoming gtx 660, sounds like a nice idea since am thinking of changing the monitor as well.....
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  4. I used to use a 1440x900 andI was getting 30-50 frames on crysis 2 ultra with a hd 6850
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