Is the AMD A6-5400K good for modern games?

I know this is silly but before saying "get a gtx 680" I want to know if this apu is a good solution to my problem: i am upgrading without a budget ( its even worse than having a small budget because you dont have a limit ) and i decided to go for a intel G860 + gtx650 when i stumbled on this apu and sounded to good to be true, i just want stable 30 fps gameplay at medium or even low on 1240x1024, i am not a hard core gamer but i want to try out planet side 2 or even crysis 3 in the future.Any opinions ?
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  1. the 860 and the 650 is a much better option but if you actually don't mind gaming at low settings then it should manage many games at 20-30fps. Drop down to x720 res and you should manage 30fps+
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