MSI AMD Radeon HD 6870 issues

So im currently running dual HD 6870's at the moment in crossfire. The issues I'm having is when i go to play a game like skyrim or fallout new Vegas the auto video quality is set to low. When I put the games on ultra settings like it used to auto pick the game is extremely laggy. I used to be able to play these games on ultra settings with no issues at all without having the cards in crossfire. Just recently I've been getting these issues

My system build is
ASUS Sabertooth x58 Sandybridge mobo
16gb kingston ram
Intel i7 950
Noctua NH-D14 cpu cooler
WD cavuiar green 3tb drive
LG blu-ray Combo drive
2x MSI AMD Radeon HD 6870

Any ideas on what might be causing the issues?
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  1. What is your PSU?

    Also, have you checked the temps of you 6870s during gaming?
  2. its a sivlerstone I belive. its 1000W modular power supply

    and no I havn't checked the temps on the cards but usually my build stays off all night so i dont think the temerature is the issue
  3. crossfire will reduce the airflow greatly, and make the card heat faster cooled slower. u need to check the temp of the card when working.

    furmark is a good stress test, even if it will not going to use that much power in normal gaming. it good to see how the temp goes in worst case scenario....
  4. Ok thanks. Just a not I was having the issue before i put it into crossfire as well. I only put it into crossfire in order to try and get better performance for my games.
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