Plz help

plz help can u give me drive files for racing wheel pc STK 189 my win is 7 64
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  1. I would Google the manufacturer for this device, find the model in the downloads section and pick the Windows driver version.


  2. i can't find can u find it 4 me plz and give me link my win is 7 x64 it called STK 189 joystick controller racing wheel and thx :)
  3. or give the site which can i get it:)
  4. It appears that your controller is manufactured by:
    Shenzhen Saitake Electronic Co., Ltd.

    No driver files are available at their website.

    Your controller is supposed to be a USB plug and play add-on.

    If Windows cannot provide its own usable drivers, you may want to try this program:

    That's the best I can do...


  5. thank u :)
  6. so u think tht will work to make my racing wheel work:)
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