Small business server using 1 pc as a source

I have a networking issue that suddenly started, keep in mind this server has been active atleast a year and a half. I dont know what was changed but I dont want to set up another server set up.. just looking for a quick fix for now and then will set up another way if i have to.. thank you and please help...

There are 3 computers (a) (b) and (c) that were hooked to a network and all are running windows xp service pack 3 group (b) computer is the source computer. My client said they came in one morning and the computer (a) was not accessing the source computer. I tried to remap the the drive and it still cant conect to the source. But when I am on the source pc (b) i can see computer (a). can anyone point me in the right direction?

I forgot to mention this is a SONY VAIO VGC-RA940G desktop. it also has the following error message when I tried to connect

error occurred while reconnecting z:\\ jeff\data
microsoft windows network: the network path was not found the connection has not been restored
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  1. It might also be worth ensuring the system date and time match on all 3 pc's
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