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I have an MPC small form factor computer. My motherboard is a Q965 and I'm running 2.13 core 2 duo. I want to make this my Ubuntu computer. My inboard Intel graphics seem to not like Ubuntu very much. I was wondering if anyone had an idea of a 40 dollar or less small form factor graphics card I could put in my computer? I don't really understand all the different kind of mounting and stuff. All I know is it has 2 pci slots and a pci express slot that looks bigger then the other two.
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  1. maybe the gtx 520
  2. Since your budget is so low and this is one step up from the integrated GPU and the card is called a GT 520 I will link them in the best to worst in what I would get. Plus I will link you to the hierarchy of GPU's Good luck to you.

    This first one is the one I would recommend over all below it and it is only $4.00 more that what you can spend and it is a lowprofile card,3107-7.html
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