AMD FX-8350 vs AMD FX-4130?

So I basically want to know if the 8350 is a lot better than 4130. The only real difference is that the 8350 is a 8-core and 4130 is a quad, so would it be helpful to have 8? Also will quad be enough for gaming in the future or will you need a 6-8 core soon?
The price doesn't really matter but the 4130 is nearly half price, so if there is no real difference and IF quad will be enough for a couple of years, I would rather pick the 4130 :). I doubt the 0.2ghz difference really matters, as I'm pretty sure 3,8-4ghz is enough.
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  1. I doubt games will need 8 cores anytime soon. Like the i7 the 8 core AMD has Hyperthreading, something which games don't utilize, but professional graphic applications do. So if you're just doing some gaming, you're not likely to see any difference. It's a similar story to the i5 and i7.

    Personally, I have an i5, but if I were you then I'd get the best of both worlds and go for the 6 core FX 6100, I don't think it's much more. This way you'll have a high end CPU, but also money saved to spend on other parts :)

  2. Not only is the 8350 newer but it also performs generally better according to 3Dmark11. ( , don't mind the GPU side of things.) Since you plan to use this CPU for a few years it would be best to go with the more recent architecture + higher core count.

    The rumor mill right now claims that the next consoles will have ~8 core CPUs so it wouldn't be crazy to expect future games to use 4 or more cores. Plus you will be happy to have the extra headroom in case you plan to do recording, streaming or rendering in the future.

    Good luck with your build.

    EDIT: This is also a neat resource I recommend you check out;
  3. there is big difference in games like skyrim and metro 2033 and otehr cpu intensive games even in other gales u can see a big difference
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