Help me choose GPU.

I have zeroed in on two notebooks, but have been unable to make the final choice. The only bothering specs for me are:

Version I: NVIDIA GT 520M with 1 GB dedicated GPU RAM (Lenovo Z570 32 bit Version)
Version II: NVIDIA GT 610M with 2 GB dedicated GPU RAM (Asus K53SD 64 bit Version)

I have checked their respective specs at:

The usage:

1. Frequently - AutoCAD 2009, Word Processing (MS Office Suite 2010), CoolEdit 2, GIMP 2.8, Google Earth, MATLAB, HD Videos (using my favourite Pot Player)
2. Occasionally - Skyrim, GTA - IV, Just Cause 2, Vegas Pro 11, Adobe Flash 8, Maya

The above notebooks are well within my budget and I sort of have made up my mind. At $150 extra, I also liked of course a Version III: NVIDIA GT 630M/GT 540 M with 2 GB GPU RAM (Asus K53SM) but again this one is an extra $150 (beyond my budget).

I seek some feedback on the choices I made, which certainly would help me decide.
Does GPU RAM make substantial difference?

Just note that I am from India and some (better) versions from other reputed brands may not always be available here. I have, over time, developed disliking over HP & Dell so please don't mention them. Experience of the "chiclet" keyboard would be an added information.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I will get the Asus K53SD 64 bit Version assuming both system has equal/similar amount of system memory, cpus.
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