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Hi. Ive had three of the MSI Z77 MPower now. And ive tried thousands of different things to make it work, except changing the power supply. I have a Chill Innovation Cp-1000M 1000W.

So can a power supply ever give the motherboard to much power, so it may be damaging to the motherboard?
When i try to get the new built pc to start, it only starts for 1 second and then turns itselfs off. Sometimes after the first time I try to turn it on, there comes some kind of delay from when i push the power button on the motherboard, until it starts for 1 second.

On the information to the PSU, it says "1000W continuous load". Does that mean that the motherboard might be getting to much power?

Heeeeeeelp mee...
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  1. The power supply will only use how much the PC needs. So even if you had a 1000W PSU and the PC was using 350W, the PSU would only draw 350W. I think continuous load just means that if it had to run at 1000W constantly, it could... That would be a bad idea though .

  2. Thanks man. But do you think that it might help to change the PSU?
  3. did you try to start the system outside the case with the parts laying on a cardboard ? also i would check if every power cable are connected to the motherboard and that the standoff post are in between the case and the motherboard .
  4. It might be worth a try if you've done everything else :)
  5. Try re-seating your CPU. I had a start-stop problem that was aggravating me forever, and then I removed and reseated my CPU and it worked.
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