Underclocked CPU issues?

I'm having some minor (mainly graphics-related) issues involving windows ghosting a bit when they're moved (the re-drawing of the window on desktop is slow, creating a very subtle ghosting effect when the window is moved). Additionally I have issues where Aero is disabled when all 4 monitors (or when I tested it with 5 monitors as well) are attached.

I have troubleshooted and investigated the GPU extensively (HD6990), the drivers, etc., and everything seems in order.

I'm running a large surface off the card (3 monitors in 2560x1600 and 1 in 1920x1080, 2 of them use active adapters).

Graphics applications, games, run fine but that's only on ONE monitor.


I'm wondering if some of these issues could possibly be related to an underclocked Core i7 I'm using, which on this particular machine I've never bothered to even stockclock, let alone overclock.

Could this possibly explain the mainly graphics-related phenomena I'm seeing?
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  1. how did you underclock?
  2. Sorry, the Core i7 975EE comes out of the box at 2.65GHz, rated for 3.33, but of course many put it up around 4GHz or more...
  3. More accurately, my multiplier is @20X, and I didn't change it.
  4. you can set the multiplier to 25 which is stock and test.
    Try to monitor your temps, espically the GPU.

    What power supply do you have?
  5. This GPU notoriously runs hot - but I don't believe it to be cooling related, as the GPU has been running within specifications, GPUZ reports a zero load, 30% fan at 60C.

    I will set the mults to 25, to see if it has any effect, I suppose it's silly to run the chip at 2.65 anyway.

    My PSU is an ULTRA 1200w X4 ...
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