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Well, This is still happening and it's really starting to piss me off. But there's this box in the middle of my screen and it keeps popping up and then leave and won't stop. It's a grey box with yellow speaker icon and the word volume in black over a red bar and black colored 100 beside the red bar. I would like to get rid of it so badly cause it's is making me go crazy. Is there anything i can do to get rid of it?

This is what it looks like but for me it says 100 not zero. and the bar is full and red.

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  1. Its your monitor, try another monitor and it should be gone.
  2. How would it be m monitor?
  3. If your monitor has build in sound, it doesn't know if it's plugged in or not so you can still adjust it. It could also be your keyboard if it has volume controls on it.
  4. So how can i fix it?
  5. Drewster907 said:
    So how can i fix it?

    First take an I-pod or something and plug it into the monitors sound. With something to actually do, it might stop bugging out. If that doesn't work, I'd take it as a sign that the monitor is dying or faulty.
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