Gpu heats up and crashes during gaming
Awhile back, I had the V card installed by an employee at best buy. But nowadays, the temperatures reach 60-70C on standby, and peak to 90-100s during gaming! I underclocked the card to prevent a crash, but I wish I could actually use the card instead of bottlenecking it. Any ideas..?
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  1. Clean all the dust out of your case. The build up over time has clogged the heat sinks.

    Link is broken.
  2. I already cleaned the inside with compressed air, no difference. Link fixed.
  3. thats a very budget video card. That card could be defective. Can you return it and get another
  4. Its 2 years old, I highly doupt it is...
    And this just all happens suddenly! Like before it worked like a charm, the next day, crash city x.x
  5. Sounds like your GPU has had it. At that age it is probably going dead.
  6. Curses, and I just spend 200$ on a new Cpu/heatsink/Psu.
    Well... Any other solution? It seems when I remove the case and play, it stays at 80 instead of 100. .-.
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    Thats not a good idea. The case is designed to bring air in and remove air out if properly setup. Getting two years of service out a gpu is not bad. Maybe someone else can jump in but it sure sounds like your card is dying.

    One thing I would do is check your GPU and maybe reapply some thermal paste to see if that helps. Underneath that fan is a heatsink much like a cpu. It might help and be worth a try. If you have not done that before, I would start another forum and request help on removing and reapplying paste to a GPU
  8. I have not done that to a GPU so I cannot be of much more help
  9. If your GPU is 2 years old and overheating, chances are highly likely your heat goo/pad has dried out, I would reseat your heatsink before upgrading.
  10. akumati said:
    I already cleaned the inside with compressed air, no difference. Link fixed.

    did you mean you already blow the heat sinks with compressed air? if you don't want to get new card right now try replacing the thermal paste. for 2 years the are high chances that the thermal paste come with the gpu already dried up.
  11. There you go OP - help has arrived - good luck and dont get discouraged The good people can walk you through the thermal paste
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