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Hey guys, first time poster, just can't seem to pinpoint the issue so I thought I'd turn to you guys!

So lately I have been having Temperature issues with my CPU, I have a AMD Phenom II X6 1055T (~2.8 Ghz) and while idle it usually sits around 45 - 50 Degrees Celsius, if I open up a browser it usually shoots up to around 54 - 60 Degrees Celsius, if I watch a stream or youtube it goes high 60's and If I open up a game such as WoW it will go to 68+ and hover around 70 or 71.

My GPU temp seems to be fine when playing games, I have a feeling it is my liquid cooling, my cooling system is just a stock Liquid CPU Cooling System [AMD] - Standard 120mm Fan. I've dusted it out and made sure all the fans were working properly (which they are).

One thing I've noticed is the tubes coming from cooling unit, one of them is noticeably hotter than the other. Not sure if that is related or not.

Was hoping you guys had any suggestions to help me pinpoint this problem, Thanks in advance
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  1. Mine is exactly the same, i've got a less powerful CPU but i've got the same problem. The tube which is hotter is bringing liquid which was sent into the CPU (I think) back towards the radiator to cool it down.. Right now as i'm rendering a video to Youtube i've seen that I need to take the side of my case off to render without my CPU core clocks throttling to 0.8ghz.. It's annoying but it's definitely my liquid cooler. If anyone has information on this for us it'll be much appreciated.
  2. The cpu water block cooler is doing its job. The problem comes down to two things.
    The flow rate of the pump fitted to the water cooling loop.

    And obviously the size of the radiator, with the fan on it to cool the hot water heated up by passing through the Cpu water block.

    So if you bought a bigger radiator with say two fans, you have more surface area to disparate the heat quicker from the hot water via the cooling fins of the radiator into the air around it, of course fan speed also come`s into play here as well on the radiator.

    It will work in the same way as changing for example from a stock cooler you get with a Cpu in a retail box from Amd or Intel. If you buy say a bigger, after market cooler its larger so can cope with more heat disparate due to the larger foot print of it, extra cooling fins of the larger cooler ect.

    So the same is true if you bought a larger radiator for the water loop. Temps would drop as it is cooling the hot water returning from the Cpu water block over a larger surface area.
    Returning the water in the loop back to the cpu water block at a cooler temp to cool it.
  3. I'm not sure whether I could get a bigger radiator in my case, i'm not even sure on the size of my case. If I take a picture and show you could you guide me on whether I could buy a new radiator for my liquid cooler?
  4. I could.
    It may be what we call a closed loop system, not saying it is, it may be a pig to do if the case.
    So if you you tell me the exact model no and brand of the the water cooler I can give you the heads up if it can be done ok. Also the picture of the case as you say. And what you need to do in steps/ instructions to fill it. And get all the air out of the loop.

    A new Pump upgrade may also be required in the loop, due to the larger water capacity as well/ flow rate in the loop.
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