HAF XB Fan Configuration?

I have recently built my first PC. I used the HAF XB (AWESOME!) and have purchased enough fans to fill all the spaces for fans. My current configuration is as follows:

AMD FX 8320 with Stock Cooler http://nickson.en.gongchang.com/product/8236959
Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB 1600
EVGA 560ti
HAF XB (two 120mm intake (front), one 120mm exhaust (rear), one 200mm exhaust (top), two 80mm exhaust (rear) (PSU is intake from bottom)

The fan configuration is the way the manual for the HAF XB recommends. My Heatsink Fan blows away from the CPU.

Does anyone have experience with this case in terms of optimizing air flow? I am just curious if this is truly the best configuration for air flow or if others have had better results with different orientations. I read one review that suggested blowing the air down from the top of the case onto the board due to the horizontal orientation of the MB. Just curious if anyone has played with this.

I am also looking to add a larger heatsink & fan and would love to hear some suggestions based on the air flow in the case too.
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  1. I am looking at this case as well, and was wondering a similar thing.
    I'd think for a stock cooler, having the 2 intankes & the one exhaust would be optimal.
    With heat acting as it does, I'd personally be hesitant to try blowing hot air back down into the case.

    I'm thinking of getting an http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103100 put in my new system. Since this cooler lays flat, was curious what people would think of setting the cpu fan to exhaust up (heat rises) and have all 3 120mm fans in the case blowing in, forcing all the hot air through the top of the case. Maybe putting a nice 200mm fan at the top to help. My case sits on the floor in my basement which is always about 60-65 degrees F.
  2. i'll be more in 3 intakes, reverse the fan on the heatsink right aside the back intake pusing in front of the case as the top panel will naturally evacuate the heat without the need for a fan and you'll have positive pressure in the case to ensure that no dust will enter by the corners, or the open meshed side (as you have a dust filter in front i would suggest to install a magnetic one in the rear if doing that)

    You can also pick 80mm Noctua as they'll surely be the only 80mm that are silent and make him intake too but it's completly overrated as i don't think you'll have heat problem with that case...

    @ Swift0, that would work as i do that with my NHU12P (simply 1 fan in pull on top) and no difference in temps at all (1 celsius more) vs push/pull (i have a P280 with 2 120mm at the top to push this heat out too)
  3. Try the 2 as intakes, make the top an INTAKE, and the back exhausts, this would give positive pressure.
  4. completelyrandomname said:
    Try the 2 as intakes, make the top an INTAKE, and the back exhausts, this would give positive pressure.

    I have read this elsewhere as well but it is so counterintuitive I haven't tried it yet. What about flipping the rear 120mm exhaust to be an intake and leaving the 200mm on top as exhuast? Problem is the two 120s in the front and the one in the rear causes there to be relatively little to now "flow" through the case. With the existing set up it definitely does not have a positive pressure inside the case, though it is vented all over the place so I am not sure if that will even matter.
  5. The only way to know if it will work or not is to test it. Different scenarios have different results, doing what I said MAY give bad results, doing what you say MAY bring better results.
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