Display "freaks out" and shows weird colours

I put this in the graphics cards section of the forums, because I believe that may be the problem

I am not sure how to describe the problem, but sometimes my monitor turns black then quickly changes to displaying this purple fractal-like pattern on the screen. I am assuming its a bad signal from the graphics card.

While the monitor was displaying this, I tried switching the cable to the other plug on the video card, but the monitor went black and said "no signal". I put it back on the first port and it displayed the purple pattern again.

One thing I have noticed about my graphics card, is that it gets really hot, so maybe it is the card overheating.

Here are my computer and monitor specs:
Monitor: SyncMaster B2030 1600x900 60Hz
CPU: Intel Core 2 Q6600 OC'd 2.90GHz (It was higher at 3.0GHz, but I reduced it when I got this problem the third time, and it hasn't happened since)
GPU: nVidia GTX 260
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  1. Sounds like your card is either dieing or overheating. First, try cleaning the card with a compressed air in a can duster. If the card is very dusty, it will be prone to overheating. Reinstalling the graphics driver could help too. If all else fails, then it's time to replace the GPU.
  2. That could be caused by a bunch of things

    The first thing you should do is exactly what El Tigre said and clean the card out. Use an abrasive cleaner such as rubbing alcohol or HCFC based contact cleaner to clean the PCIe contacts on the graphics card and the socket on the motherbard.
  3. It surely is sign of overheating graphic card. Try to clean the dusts from the card, especially the air ways and fan(s). If you can, try to under-clock your card a bit as well. Take it with a grain of salt but my old 7970GS died around 3months after i start to get these problems.
  4. There are plenty of tools you can use to monitor your GPU temperature (e.g. Rivatuner or Speedfan). I still use a GTX260, and it doesn't get hotter than about 75 C.
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