Circumvent error 1084 in safe mode?


My laptop is a toshiba l300d, running windows 7 x64 with 4GB ram (glad that's out of the way)

I've been having trouble running Traktor 2 on my laptop. It's a fairly resource demanding programme, so I've decided to try and run it with the laptop in safe mode, so I can start it up quickly without having to shut down endless reams of processes + services etc.

I've managed to get the sound drivers working, and I assume the USB driver as well, as it recognises the S2 controller I use.

The only problem I have is that I need to be able to run the hardware support service to actually use the controller.

Naturally, whenever I try to start this service I get Error 1084 "can't run this service in safe mode".

Is there anything I can do to get round this and be able to run the service?
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  1. no. and safe mode is NOT designed to run programs. Don't use it like that. There should be no reason to be shutting down processes and services. that program has very low system requirements. if you have a bunch of junk loading on startup uninstall it or use msconfig to remove programs from the startup menu.
  2. I keep programs running on startup to an absolute minimum and never run anything alongside the Traktor software.

    This is getting to be a real pain.

    I'm using fully up to date drivers and ensuring there aren't any extrenuous programs/processes/services running, but still I keep getting audio dropouts and the program freezing. Is there anything I'm likely to have overlooked?
  3. thats not a resource hungry application

    so unless you have the toshiba l300d with the celeron cpu it should be able to run it fine
  4. Managed to get it sorted. Thanks for the help
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