PC Upgrade?

I am planning to do an upgrade over my old computer and build a new gaming pc. The fact is this will be the first time i am assembling a new PC so i need some help please.

Approximate Purchase Date: In another month or so, by October, definitely

Budget Range: 600-675 $

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Full HD hardcore gaming>watching full hd 1080p movies>surfing the internet>folding@home

Am I buying a new monitor: No, i am satisfied with my 22" LCD monitor

Parts not required: Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor

Parts to Upgrade: CPU, graphics card, mobo, RAM, cooler, new power supply, new cooler

Do I need to buy OS: the best budget windows os

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg.com and any which u might recommend

Location: Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Parts Preferences: i have used an intel cpu but i am ready to make a change for anything better

Overclocking: Not unless extremely necessary

SLI or Crossfire: No, not needed

My Monitor Resolution: i am not sure what is best for 22" LCD TV, but i guess 1600x1200 is enough

Additional Comments: pc should be quiet and it should be 64-bit (i dont know, i heard 64-bit is faster)

And Most Importantly, Why I am Upgrading: My pc specs are poor: 2.2GHz dual core processor, 2GB RAM and no graphics card ( i know your eyes will stretch wide ) i am damn sick of this pc and hearing about the gr8 pcs of my frndz, i need a gaming pc for superb gaming

So please help
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  1. my advice would be to check the bundled deals section of a few website and pick the best one for your budget. Here is 3 the in your price range that newegg.com has right now:




    all 3 would be a big improvement from what you have.
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